As there are new social media sites emerging all the time, here’s a look at five that I recently discussed with my classmates. Each of these have are unique and I’d highly advise anyone involved in digital communications to take a hard look at them and consider them for download.


The Snakt app is a social video app released at the end of 2015. The tone of the videos you’ll find on Snakt is similar to what you might find on Vine. Snakt appDespite the similar channel tones there are major differences between the two apps. For instance where Vine only allows videos to be 7 seconds long, Snakt has no limit. Snakt’s biggest differentiator from other video apps is that it encourages its community to “remix” videos from other videos creators. Meaning they turn videos into legos so that you can break  them up and mix them as you wish, without having to worry about accreditation as Snakt does it for you automatically. The Snakt video editing tools are phenomenal and many YouTubers/Vine stars/ etc. are using Snakt to create and edit their videos because of it’s ease and speed. If you are into creating videos, I highly recommend checking out Snakt.



Wanelo (Wah-nee-low) or Want, Need, Love is a digital mall with the curation and social of Pinterest combined with the storefronts of Etsy. However, unlike Etsy, Wanelo isn’t just boutique as it boasts over 550,000 storefronts and 30 million products from large brands we all know, to the tiny boutique sellers. Another major difference from Etsy is the social factor. Users can create a profile, follow and see saves from friends or people they follow. It also allows for brands to create channels and sell their own products within the site. Looking for a new way to find the style of products you love? Try Wanelo.


BanjoBanjo, is a very cool site that aims to answer one question, “What going on in the world within specific places and at specific times?” CEO and Founder Damien Patton, (who may be in the running for the worlds most interesting man) describes building Banjo as “building the worlds first crystal ball.” The way it works is actually genius. Its algorithm aggregates all the geolocated public posts and lets users search by location and keywords, (if they choose) to find out what’s happening that’s interesting in those areas. The business model is even cooler. Aimed at being able to tell what’s happening across the world before anyone else knows, the media implications are huge. Taking those same aggregated geolocated posts, Banjo analyzes them and builds baselines for each geolocations. For instance, if you search Gillette Stadium the words “Patriots”, “Revolution”, “Football”, will be commonly used as well as images depicting them and more. However, when a sudden uptick in words outside the baseline appear the system notifies Banjo. It was through an alert like this that Banjo was able to find out that three people were wounded in the FSU library shooting before any other channel.  To learn more about Banjo, its founder and how the platform is evolving check out this article.


Viber is connecting millions of people across the world through the Vibercommunication type that works best for them. Users of Viber can participate on one-on-one messaging or group chats, voice or video calls or even follow brands and celebrities on Public Chats. All of that is for free! Send good vibes to your friends and family and try out Viber.



PocketOriginally launched in 2007 as Read It Later, Pocket was rebranded for the better in 2013 and provides a great alternative to traditional RSS feeds or save-it-for later apps. Pocket content is viewable by phone, tablet or desktop and the best part is you don’t even need an internet connection to view it. So now, when you find something online that you want to view later, whether it’s an article, picture or video – put it in your pocket.